Sprinting champion, World Record holder, Track and Field legend and elite athlete are all familiar titles to Tyson Gay but it's coach John Smith who has earned these accolades after spending over 40 years in the sport. As one of the most respected coaches in the world, John Smith has had an athlete on the podium at every Olympics since 1988. In 2015, the two track and field greats finally got the opportunity to work together for the first time and the results have been explosive. Tyson is working for nothing less than a gold medal in Rio and John Smith has no intentions of breaking his 28-year Olympic medal streak. USA’s finest coach and athlete are focused and ready to make history in 2016.




As Tyson nears the end of his historic career, staying healthy is more important than ever. This is why he has enlisted the help of strength and conditioning guru Ryan Capretta, Founder of Proactive Sports Performance. Having produced 7 Super Bowl MVPs and over 40 NFL pro bowlers, Ryan know a little something about helping elite athletes perform at peak levels. He brings his Masters degree in Sports Science and 15 years of experience to Tyson Gay. After keeping top athletes healthy for the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, Ryan Capretta is excited about helping one of Americas finest athletes bring home the gold in Rio.